Our Dance Classes are for everyone - no matter what your age, shape or size.

We believe that if you can walk you can dance! Our classes are very sociable, healthy, cultural and above all lot of fun! No Partner Required for any of our classes.


Salsa is the most popular of all Latin Dances!!! Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in NYC with strong influences from Latin America, particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico. The movements of salsa have its origins in Cuban Son, Cha cha cha, Mambo and other dance forms, and the dance, along with the salsa music, originated in the mid-1970s


Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic – It is now danced all over the world. Several slightly different styles have emerged but, unlike salsa, they all share the same basic step.In partnering, the lead can decide whether to perform in open, semi close or close position.  Unlike Salsa, Bachata dance doesn’t include many complex turn patterns.

Brazilian ZOUK 

Brazilian Zouk evolved from a Brazilian dance called Lambada. Traditional zouk-style music came from French Caribbean around the mid-90s and was further developed by Jaime Arôxa, Adilio Porto and Renata Peçanha in Brazil. Different from Salsa who is led with the hands, Brazilian zouk can be led by various parts of the body.  Kadu and Larissa, among a small number of dancers are leading the evolution and popularity of the Brazilian zouk dance style around the world and in New Zealand.

About Us

Salsa is the most popular of all Latin Dances!! It is the perfect way to GET FIT, meet a whole bunch of new friends, gain confidence, de-stress, all while having loads of fun! We specialise in Salsa Cuban Casino style. It is a fun, social style of Salsa, where you can learn the basic steps, rhythm, leading and following techniques and lot’s of cool moves to shine on the dance floor. We also teach Rueda De Casino (Casino wheel) – it is a particular style of Salsa in a circle. This group dance is the highlight of our classes, and is a very social and entertaining way of learning Salsa. Our students love it. Come and try one of our classes of Salsa, Bachata or Zouk-Lamabada. Enjoy a great night out ! On your own or with friends it’s easy and fun. You will be dancing in no time !!! NO PARTNER REQUIRED!

True to its name, this is my therapy. This is my happy place ♥
Bee Tuviera

Audit Officer

Salsa Therapy is the best place to learn salsa in Wellington! I completed beginners & improvers classes with them and totally recommend!

Juan Pablo Lampe

VFX Artist


All of our classes available in Wellington and Porirua


COME and try 3 different dance styles for free as part of out Bring a friend week. Bring a friend to come and try some SALSA DANCE THERAPY  – Claim your Free Class Pass NOW Contact us or Sing up for our beginners class and we will send you the FREE PASS
DAY: Monday 7th Nov
TIME: 6pm Bachata Beginners

7pm Salsa Beginner

8pm Brazilian ZOUK Beginners

Cost: FREE 

Term: 14th Nov –  19th Dec   – 6 weeks  term
Days: Mondays
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Venue: L6, 173-175 Victoria Street
Cost: SPECIAL Offer 6 weeks for $75  you must prepay before 21th Nov conditions apply: this offer is only for Beginners II SALSA , no refunds unless injury occurs and you won’t be able to continue for the rest of the term.

Term: 14th Nov – 19th Dec  6 weeks  term
Days: Mondays
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Venue: L6, 173-175 Victoria Street
Cost: SPECIAL Offer 6 weeks for $75  you must prepay before 21th Nov. conditions apply: this offer is only for this term no refunds unless injury occurs and you won’t be able to continue for the rest of the term.

Term: 17th Nov – 22nd Dec  6 weeks 
Days: Thursdays
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Venue: L6, 173-175 Victoria Street
Cost: SPECIAL Offer 6 weeks for $75  you must prepay before 24th Nov conditions apply: this offer is only for Bachata Beginners, no refunds unless injury occurs and you won’t be able to continue for the rest of the term.

Term: 17th NOv – 22nd Dec  6 weeks block
Days: Thursdays
Time: 6 pm – 7 pm
Venue: L6, 173-175 Victoria Street
Cost: SPECIAL Offer 6 weeks for $75  you must prepay before 24th Nov conditions apply: this offer is only for Bachata Intermediate III, no refunds unless injury occurs and you won’t be able to continue for the rest of the term.


Term: 14th Nov – 19th Dec 6 weeks term
Days: Mondays
Time: 8 – 9 pm
Venue: L6, 173-175 Victoria Street
Cost:  5 class concession $65 waged, $50 unwaged.
Ad hoc cost $15 waged, $10 unwaged


Term: TBC
 Days: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: L6, 173-175 Victoria Street


Term: Date /time TBC closed to the time 
Whitby classes has been suspended for now due to our Dance Instructor is overseas until September. Please send an email if you are interested in joining our Whitby classes. 
Days: Wednesdays
Time: 8 – 9 pm
Venue: The Scouts Hall – Discovery Dr. Advent. Park Whitby

Term: TBC 

Days: Wednesdays

Time: TBC

Venue: Scouts Hall Discovery Dr. Advent. Park Whitby

We have new Beginners Salsa , Bachata  or ZOUK classes  starting every 5 or 10 weeks.


  • Casual Salsa/Zouk or Bachata classes – Adults – 60 Min class
    $16/class adult and $12/ class student with valid ID
  • Concession cards for 5 classes $65 for 10 classes $130
    Cards are valid for 3 months from date of issue
  • Two dance styles in one night casual $25
  • Two dance styles in one night concession card 10 night (20 lessons) $195

Private lessons: Start from $50 per person or $70 per couple (per 1 hour excluding venue hire)
Group private lesson up to 4 people $100 (per 1 hour excluding venue hire).
Contact us for Large groups one off private or Corporate function as we have a special rate.  

Payment options :Cash on the day; Cheque – If paying for entire term only; Direct credit – If paying for entire term only.

Venue Details

  • MONDAY  and THURSDAY  Classes (Salsa/Bachata and ZOUK ) are located on L6, 173-175 Victoria st. Wellington – Feet with heat dance studio
  • WEDNESDAY Classes (Salsa) are  located at The Scouts Hall, Discovery Dr. Adventure Park Whitby, Porirua


Day: 12th Nov
Time: 1.30- 4pm
 Venue: Toi Poneke Wellington Arts Center – 61 Abel Smith st. ( at the DANCE Studio)
Cost: $25 for 2.5 hours and $20 for Students 

Day: Thursday 10th Nov

Time: 6-8pm ( 6pm start with a warm up and dance – 6.30-7.30 pm Musicality workshop with Alfonso Rios from Peru; 7.30- 8pm Pracite what you have learned :) 

Venue: L6 175 Victoria st.

Cost: $25 pp

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: L6 173-175 Victoria st.  Wellington Feet with Head dance studio

Day: TBC
Time: TBC
 Venue: TBC  



We organise social salsa and latin parties and occasionally workshops every month.

ST Zouk & Bachata Party 11th Nov at 9.15pm

SALSA THERAPY Christmas Party 19th NOv at 8.30pm 

Our new Party venue:      The Thistle Hall – Cnr Cuba Street & Arthur Street, Wellington

Entry  Fee $10


Wedding dance Lesson: Add a touch of a magic to your first dance together as Mr. & Mrs.

SPECIAL OFFER Book your wedding dance lessons before 20th Dec and get 40 % off your first lesson

Learning to dance with Lily our dance teacher and choreographer is easy and it is a lot of fun. No Dance experience needed. The dance can be tailored to suit your style, song or wedding theme. We know how much stress is organizing a wedding so the choreographs are easy to remember. Email us for a quote and look for a special deal at the wedding shops in Wellington. Corporate Events, Hen’s parties, Private lessons, Team building all available, just send us an email or call /text for a quote.

Michael and Jenna Sabiston FEB 2015
Thank you so much for all your patience and immerse skill in getting us from not being able to dance without falling over each other to the beautiful dance we were able to share on our wedding day. Seriously we had no idea what we were capable of, but it’s all down to how great teacher you are.

Tim and Ellane – October 2012
Working with Lily on our wedding dance was a pure pleasure. Her talent and passion for salsa made us motivated, her charisma made learning fun, and as a teacher, her patience is a true virtue. We only had a handful of lessons but in that short time Lily was able to teach us the basics of Salsa, some slightly more tricky steps and construct our own personalised routine. Thank you Lily for giving us a surprise first dance that all our guests will remember!
Rachael and Todd – March 2012
After watching many ‘Best Wedding First Dance Ever!’ , my fiance and I decided we wanted to make our wedding first dance special too, and really surprise our friends and family. We choose the final dance from the movie Dirty Dancing. Neither of us had any dancing experience at all. We found Lilia de Castro from Salsa Therapy and were at once put at ease by her enthusiasm and her belief right from the beginning that we could do it! Lily is simply an amazing and highly skilled teacher (patient too!). In just three months, we went from complete beginners to reaching our goal.
We totally recommend Lily – learning from her has been an absolute pleasure.

Team Members

We are here to help you grow and develop your dancing skills!

Lilia De Castro

Lilia De Castro

Owner - Senior Teacher

Lily started dancing and performing from the age of 8. Her experience through the years includes: jaz balet, ballroom, Bulgarian folklore and Salsa, Bachata, Zouk-Lambada, Reggaeton Kizomba. Her passion for dance brought her to the magic of Latin Dance. She says “When I start dancing salsa in 1999 I didn’t know that this is Salsa, just my body start moving with the rhythms”. Since then she learnt Salsa Cuban Casino style with various famous Cuban instructors in her home town Sofia, Spain and USA. She also had learnt and continued her training from a range of world best instructors and performers in Salsa, Zouk–Lambada, Bachata, Kizomba etc. Instructors like Oliver Pineda, Adrian Medina, Kadu & Larissa, Daniela and Alex de Carvalho etc. In 2005 she moved to New Zealand. Since then she has been teaching Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Zouk Lambada in Wellington and has also performed many times in different public and private events and Salsa Congresses in Wellington. Lily is the founder and owner of Salsa Therapy Dance School since 2007.

Adam Polaczuk

Adam Polaczuk


He began dancing the fun style of Cuban Salsa in 2007, then fell in love with and began dancing the passionate and flowing Brazilian Zouk Lambada in 2010. Also to compliment these styles he has a keen interest in dancing the beautiful Bachata and funky Samba de Gafieira. Adam has learnt from a diverse range of the world’s best Zouk Lambada teachers, both in New Zealand and abroad. They include Kadu and Larissa, Allison and Audrey, William and Paloma, Lidio and Monique, Adilio, Alex and Daniela, Renata and Jorge and more. Adam is also involved in ethnic Polish folk dancing and is heavily involved in keeping this tradition alive. He has been teaching, trained, competed and performed in New Zealand and abroad since 2008 in all of the dance styles. This wide diversity of dance styles has given Adam a very good understanding of the variety of particular body movements needed accentuate each style of dance. Adam has been teaching Zouk- Lambada as part of the Salsa Therapy team since 2012

Leona Wolpert

Leona Wolpert


She started ballroom dancing at the age of 14. After several years of lessons, many tests with results of high level points and being tightly involved with ballroom dancing, Leona discovered salsa at the age of 18. Although never having learnt any fundamental steps in Latin dancing Leona soon learnt to understand, follow and love Salsa and other Latin dance styles by travelling to different countries and dancing in different cities. The first time she saw Zouk Lambada was at the NZ Salsa Congress in 2009. She was struck by the beautiful flowing dance and the music. One year later she started her first Zouk-Lamabada training at the Salsa Congress and soon after signed up with Salsa Therapy to learn more. She got a great fundamental base of Zouk-Lambada and continues her training in Auckland, Christchurch and Brisbane where she learnt from the experts such as Kadu & Larissa, Allison & Audrey and many more. Since Oct 2012 Leona has been teaching and performing together with Adam Brazilian Zouk -Lambada as part of the Salsa Therapy team.


Our Wellington Venue: Feet with heat dance studio L6, 173-175 Victoria Street.
Call Us: Lily: 0210346155 ;  Adam:0211326997

Our Whitby, Porirua Venue: The Scouts Hall, Discovery Dr. Adventure Park, Whitby

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